On April 22nd last year, the Paris Agreement was signed off by 175 nations to mark global action against climate change.
The first ever comprehensive climate agreement, the Paris Agreement has attracted much praise from politicians and environment figures from around the world.
The United Kingdom is a part of the Paris Agreement and it seems the UK’s main climate policy will be to improve home energy efficiency.
Home energy efficiency is the act of reducing the wasted energy used in houses. This could involve a building survey on a property in order to thoroughly examine its energy outgoings, and see where it’s being wasted.
Home energy efficiency is seen as key in the UK to play its part in the Paris Agreement.
Many business and firms offer building surveys for competitive prices in order to establish where your energy is being wasted. It could be through the ceiling, walls or elsewhere.
A recent poll of 1000 British adults found that households could be wasting hundreds …

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